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Dear Clients and Friends: Some Home Policies and some Business Policies can provide "Breakdown Coverage" for various appliances in your home and business. Please check with me to see if you need such a coverage. At Silverman Insurance Agency Nationwide, we check your options if you take the time to review with us. READ MORE >>

Dear Clients and Friends: We have been selling Nationwide Insurance since 1981. And, Nationwide has some very excellent insurance products. However, in December of 2007, they made us Independent Agents and we sell and service many other major insurance companies. READ MORE >>

Dear Clients and Friends: Nationwide and Allied Insurance had their Annual Meeting in Orlando this past week. They announced an 8% Discount on their Automobile Insurance for people who have a Life Policy with the Company as of 6/15/2011. For those of you who already have both, please call me as soon as possible to make sure you recieve the discount. READ MORE >>

Dear Friends - The cost of medical coverage has risen dramatically over the last few years. However, there are alternatives for most people that can fit the budget. It is a new day and age for Health Insurance and at the Silverman Insurance Agency, we have options for you. READ MORE >>

Dear Clients and Friends: More and More we are finding that Businesses are utilizing Home Offices and working out of their Homes. I understand this very greatly. In these times, Small Business Owners connect via Home Computers to clients for their services. READ MORE >>

Dear Clients and Friends: Some Home Insurance Policies cover "Teachers Liability" and many do not. Please call us for a quote if you are a Teacher so that we can determine what your coverage is or is not. Teacher Liability is not expensive and in this day of litigation, it is wise to look and see where you are holding! READ MORE >>

Contractors -- Your Certificates and your Insurance Policies follow you for years. Work you did years ago can come back and you can be called to blame on something you might not have been responsible for. See me for a complete explanation and a proper way to keep Records! Thanks. Ron Silverman @ www. READ MORE >>

The Worker Compensation Law is a primary law that governs employers and employees. If you ask someone to do a job for you -- you may inadvertently become an Employer without realizing it. Please write to me at www.silvermaninsurance.com  I will help you with a policy! Thanks. Ron Silverman READ MORE >>

Dear Clients: We are visiting Century 21 Real Estate Agents tomorrow to talk about Homeowner Insurance in Deltona. We will discuss the different values of homes and the cost of insurance. www.silvermaninsurance.com is the place to go for comparative shopping on Home Insurance. READ MORE >>

Dear Clients & Friends: Commercial Insurance for Childrens' Daycare or Adults' Daycare is something that our office can help you with. Taking care of Children and taking care of Seniors is one of the great responsibilities we have today. Middle aged people mostly work and must leaved their loved little ones and loved elderly ones in the care of others. READ MORE >>

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