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Dear Friends - it is really important to consider an Umbrella for your Auto and Home. The price of the additional Insurance is low and it covers a multitude of headaches should there be a serious claim that is your fault. Please call me and let me know you personal situation and i will find the right mix for you! READ MORE >>

Dear Friends: When it is cheap -- it does not always work. So many people come to us each week with policies they bought elsewhere that did not pay for their claim. Usually, the client bought a policy that left off important coverage. READ MORE >>

Dear Friends: Good things are happening here at www.silvermaninsureance.com - more people are buying nice homes and moving into Deltona, Debary, Orange City and Deland. We are able to help them all with excellent Homeonwer Policies and Automobile Policies with great coverages and great rates! READ MORE >>

Dear Friends: I just had a client who asked me whether or not he had Uninsured Motorist Coverage because he saw it on a lawyer's commercial on television- that it was good to have. Well, he does not remember, but he chose not to have it when he bought the policy because the policy cost less without it. READ MORE >>

Home Insurance Deltona is heating up. People are buying homes at a faster pace than in the past five years. Premium Dollars are precious to our clients and we make sure the money is used wisely. Please call us for a quote on Home Insurance. Thanks!!!Ron Silverman READ MORE >>

Dear Friends: Home Insurance in Deltona, Debary, Orange City, Enterprise and Osteen is something that we specialize in. Please see me at your Homeowner Renewal to review your entire insurance program. When your insurance program is coordinated, you save money and have the correct coverage when you need it. READ MORE >>

Dear Friends: Homes that are bought for investment have special insurance considerations. I know it is popular to buy homes now as the prices of homes are good compared to their actual value. However, each home requires inspections for insurance purposes to get the best value on insurance premium. READ MORE >>

Dear Friends - There is much talk about "Bundling" your Cell Phone, TV Cable and Computer Cable on TV advertising. There is rightful talk against it and some rightful talk for it. It really depends on what you want. The same principle applies to insurance. READ MORE >>

Sinkhole Coverage for a Homeowner Policy usually includes catastophic coverage such as falling into a big hole. To obtain the Broader Coverage Sinkhole Collapse Coverage which includes lesser forms of sinkhole collapse, many companies are requiring you to qualify for it, and the premium is starting rise. READ MORE >>

The Seasonal Homeowner has particular needs in Florida. So many of our good clients live in Northern States and then come to Florida for the winter or plan to retire here. Please check with my Agency for the appropriate Policy for your situation. READ MORE >>

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